Mobile World Congress 2024

February 26-29 Barcelona, Spain

Mobile World Congress 2024

Inspiring Connections: Our MWC Recap and Beyond

Mobile World Congress 2024

  • Dates

    February 26-29

  • Region
    Barcelona, Spain
  • Venue
    Fira Barcelona
  • Booth

    Hall 2, Booth 2J50

Watch the Highlights

At MWC24, Mobileum engaged with over 200 telecom operators, industry partners, and regulators to discuss the importance of Intent-Driven Networks and how Active Intelligence will power the next wave of telecom evolution.

Showcasing Mobileum's Innovation at MWC24

Today’s mobile networks are highly complex, generating large volumes of data that require data-driven insights and exceptional network testing and assurance capabilities in order to operate efficiently. Mobileum showcased its latest award-winning solutions in three demonstration areas focused on:

Launching 5G Standalone: With the growing need for robust, scalable, end-to-end testing to validate, roll out, and ensure quality 5G standalone network connectivity, visitors had the opportunity to experience firsthand everything needed to test and assure 5G standalone networks, from assuring network slices for new services like connected vehicles and drones to Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Voice over New Radio (VoNR), Roaming, and core network testing.

Fighting Scams: With SMS and Voice scams rising, Mobileum showed its portfolio of solutions to help telecom operators enhance SMS security and protect subscribers from messaging threats, phishing attempts and security breaches, and to improve voice protection and mitigate the threat posed by robocalling. Two new products were revealed – URL Scanner, which helps telecom operators identify and block fraudulent URLs in SMS messages, and Voice Audio Printing, which fingerprints robocalls and prevents them from spreading and impacting subscribers.

Uncovering Actionable Insights: Mobileum showed the analytical capabilities of its award-winning Active Intelligence Platform (AIP), a cloud-native big data solution which provides advanced analytics, AI/ML, and automation required for telecom operators to transform their data into actionable insights and to take actions with a direct business impact in real-time, including:

  • Reducing costs through automation and proactive assurance
  • Improving customer satisfaction by anticipating and correcting anomalies
  • Helping meet use-case-specific SLAs by combining passive visibility with active testing
  • Unleashing data monetization and new revenue opportunities
  • Accelerating time-to-market, enabling new services to be deployed faster and with higher confidence
  • Protecting the network and its customers from bad actors by correlating disparate data sources and responding to threats

Meet Our Team

  • Mike Salfity

    Mike Salfity

    Interim CEO

  • Avnish Chauhan

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Bernardo Lucas

    Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

  • Miguel Carames

    Chief Product Officer

  • Rui Paiva

    Global Head of Risk Business Unit

  • Carlos Marques

    Head of Product Management - Risk Management

  • Raja Hussain - Chief Revenue Officer

    Raja Hussain

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Albert Lee

    SVP & General Manager - APAC

  • Anabela Marques

    Anabela Marques

    SVP & General Manager - Africa

  • Bárbara Gurjão

    SVP & General Manager - Latin America

  • Bassam Madi

    Bassam Madi

    SVP & General Manager - Middle East and North Africa

  • David Rottelman

    SVP & General Manager - Europe

  • Rajneesh Kapur

    Rajneesh Kapur

    SVP & General Manager - North America

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