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Subscriber Care

Moving telco customer care to the digital era

Address customers’ requests timely and effectively

When calling, customers want to be understood and helped quickly, without hassle, and without being passed from one Customer Care Agent (CCA) to another. They don’t want to feel like a number being pushed down the assembly line of customer care, but instead, like individuals who can trust their service provider to solve their problems and meet their needs. And, as customers’ requests have moved towards more complex data-related usage and experience issues, this poses challenges to CCAs who need to be equipped with the right insights to meet customers’ expectations.

Leverage insights from a comprehensive 360-degree customer view

Subscriber Care has been designed to cover CSPs’ customer care needs end-to-end, providing CCAs the right information they need in an intuitive-to-use workspace. CCAs can query by MSISDN, IMSI, IP or IMEI and instantly retrieve a complete and up-to-date view of each subscriber’s digital profile, combining multi-dimensional historical and real-time insights, such as quality of experience, local and roaming web and application activity, tethered devices, geolocation history, user plane and control plane KPIs, and more.

Improve first-call resolution rates and average handling time

From bill shock disputes to network experience complaints, CCAs are equipped with an expanded ‘power-to-help’ that empowers them to efficiently assist customers with their requests. They can offer customers the attention they truly deserve, personalized service, and appropriate solutions to their problems.

As first-call resolution rate increases and average handling time decreases, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty are enhanced.

Subscriber Care Datasheet

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Optimize bill waiver requests resolution

With the popularisation of data-intensive applications, customer calls regarding bill shocks are on the rise. Subscribers need to know when, where, and how the disputed usage happened. Subscriber Care provides a comprehensive and detailed distribution of data consumption across applications and enables CCAs to instantly pinpoint the date, time, and particular applications that caused consumption spikes. Using this information in conjunction with the latest billing data, CCAs can handle effectively local and roaming bill waiver scenarios, resolve the dispute in a timely manner and give accurate answers to customers.

Initiate context-aware troubleshooting for network experience complaints

Subscriber Care provides detailed user plane and control plane insights, which can be visualized in real-time, allowing CCAs to address queries on service degradation events. With end-to-end visibility on each subscribers’ digital experience, CCAs can quickly escalate network performance issues to troubleshooting teams. By providing them with accurate guidance about the problems they need to tackle, troubleshooting and network teams can holistically investigate and promptly resolve the issue, ensuring positive customer experience and satisfaction.

6 ways CSPs can improve customer care operations with Mobileum Subscriber Care

Get a complete and up-to-date view of the subscriber’s digital profile
Through a single interface combining detailed network usage and performance with real-time and historical experience and usage metrics, for both local and roaming activity, as well as billing and EDW data.
Address subscribers’ queries timely and effectively
From bill disputes and service complaints to application-centric issues.
Reduce bill waivers
Leveraging real-time and historical data consumption insights, for both local and roaming data usage, in conjunction with the latest billing data.
Increase first-call resolution rate and decrease average handling time
By equipping your CCAs with all the information they need to be context-aware, and quickly and efficiently assist subscribers with their requests.
Achieve higher subscriber satisfaction and retention rates
Stemming from superior and personalized customer care service.
Protect subscribers personal data
Thanks to robust Privacy and Data Protection complementary tools and solutions, which let you maintain efficient operations and best serve your subscribers while protecting their personal information and privacy.