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Assuring effective risk management across IoT value chain

Assure the IoT value chain with prebuild controls

IoT is going to turn into a goldmine for the CSPs, but this evolving landscape will also bring a multitude of risks. While there are valid security concerns, partnerships and new revenue models are also going to impose significant implications for continuous monitoring of the IoT value chain.

There is little focus within CSP communities to provide continuous insights across a distributed value chain of stakeholders. This knowledge gap is a primary concern for revenue auditors since it remains unclear how this affects their auditing processes. Mobileum delivers an IoT assurance solution, enabling service providers to capture the IoT value chain and identify all risk aspects relevant for determining audit priorities in IoT environments.
Assure the IoT value chain with prebuild controls

Link a service-level agreement (SLA) to service-level objectives (SLO) during contract fulfillment

The potential monetization that IoT services can achieve will depend significantly on the QoS provided to the consumers and the business partners. Therefore, ensuring the quality of service as per the agreed service level agreements (SLA) will be critical for both service providers and service consumers.

While service level objectives (SLO) will be critical for the wider adoption of IoT services, SLA management will become a relevant topic for service providers to fulfill contracts. Mobileum offers an advanced analytics-powered IoT assurance solution allowing CSPs to tight continuous SLA management and agreed on service level agreements.
Tight service-level agreement

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Monitor beyond the connectivity for service assurance at all stages of IoT value chain

CSPs can mitigate their service challenges if they have real-time visibility to their connected IoT network systems. Thus, CSPs must perform continuous monitoring of devices, connectivity, and platforms to track issues affecting service performance as well as to ensure proactive measures. Mobileum brings in the most advanced IoT assurance solution enabling CSPs to provide a complete service assurance across the entire IoT value chain.
  • Monitor provisioning along the value chain for devices, connectivity, network, SIM, and IoT gateways
  • Monitor the service enablement across all stages
  • Monitor service enablement and policies for accurate charging on different business models
  • Increase your customer experience with unmatched service assurance
service assurance at all stages of IoT value chain

6 key benefits of IoT Assurance

reduce operating cost
operating cost
Continuous monitoring of IoT devices can help CSPs save on energy costs, improve service efficiency and control unnecessary leakages
Improve productivity
Maximizing productivity and efficiency is a high priority for service providers to ensure profitability. IoT Assurance can help real-time tracking and scheduled auditing.
Enhance customer experience
Enhance customer experience
Flawless customer experience through guaranteed service assurance can help in ensuring overall profitability across the IoT value chain
Continuous SLA monitoring
Continuous SLA monitoring
Monitor quality of service according to contract agreements between service providers and partners for accurate services and billing settlement.
Reduce revenue loss
revenue loss
Performs continuous monitoring and validation for detecting potential leakages and fraud across the entire IoT network enabling CSPs to address potential revenue losses
Real-time anomaly detection
Real-time anomaly detection
Detect fraud with supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms engineered for the most challenging and complex IoT network.

Prebuilt controls for IoT smart charging auditing

Charging, provisioning, and policy control play a very critical role in the IoT ecosystem with multiple partner networks. It provides transparency on service enablement, but it requires control over the consumption of network resources during real-time service delivery.

Each trigger condition (i.e., chargeable event) defined for the IoT data connectivity needs to be converted into a charging functionality and linked with policies whenever they are defined. Real-time processing, tagging, aggregation, and temporal correlation come as prebuild controls in Mobileum’s IoT assurance solution enabling service providers to audit immediately and accurately different charging methods.
Prebuilt controls for IoT smart charging auditing

Start risk monitoring even before service release, by emulating configurations

IoT risk management encompasses several stages of the device, connectivity, and IoT gateways provisioning and enablement. Thus, the commercial success of IoT services will significantly depend on the continuous monitoring of operations, proactive testing of devices and services can assure the accuracy of quality and monetization. As part of our solution, we allow you to validate that your proposed service will satisfy your requirements by creating and testing an environment based on your proposed implementation.

Leveraging Mobileum’s proactive testing and IoT assurance solution, CSPs can perform real-time IoT testing and auditing to deliver better and faster IoT services both on B2B and B2C markets, with the required quality and performance.
  • Validate IoT service availability and authentication
  • Ensure superior service with defined SLAs
  • Automate application monitoring
  • Obtain key performance indicators and trends
Start the risk monitoring even before service release

Monitor IoT traffic and device policy for the detection and prevention of fraud

The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions started to emerge from the initial pioneering visions to regular industrial solutions, which are now present in our everyday lives. The lively development of these solutions brings also a number of challenges for service providers like quality assurance, service assurance, SLA management as well as potential fraud and privacy concerns.

Mobileum offers integrated fraud detection mechanisms that can perform real-time data processing combined with machine learning algorithms. This can be very effective in fraud detection and the identification of previously unknown issues that may be responsible for quality problems or security threats. This enables service providers to eliminate existing anomalies and prevent future ones, as well as to detect problems more rapidly and solve them proactively.
  • Proactive fraud detection
  • Advanced AI/ML capabilities
  • Automated detection and prevention
Monitor IoT traffic and device policy

Mobileum Risk Management Software Portfolio

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Increase Your IoT Risk Management Maturity by Deploying RAID

Multiprotocol Signaling Firewall
With the growth of IoT and 5G, denial of service attacks will become even more common. The growing number of unprotected connected devices has already proven to be an entry point for DoS attacks targeting carriers’ core networks.
GTP Traffic Router
The GTP Traffic Router checks the IMSI and APN data in the GTP layer and depending on the IMSI and APN data can perform APN correction and orchestrate GTP parameters to ensure that the PDP context is correctly established between the SGSN and the GGSN. 
IoT Performance Testing
Mobileum is the right partner to help you understand how to deliver better and faster IoT services both on B2B and B2C markets, with the required quality and performance.

Stop IoT Sim swap fraud

SIM swapping has become one of the most common attacks on Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices over the past 5 years. Through compromising a SIM and using that to point the SIM’s host device radios at a private 5G network (instead of a public network operated by a telco), an attacker can then engage in traditional device-compromising behavior such as altering DNS, BGP, and carrier settings.

As mobile devices are used for enterprise authentication, hijacked SIM cards can also give hackers access to a user’s enterprise email account as the hardware is said to be ‘trusted’. It means that they will be able to access all manner of corporate IP unknowingly.
Stop IoT SIM swap attacks

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