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Proactive Revenue Assurance

Assurance by design for preventing revenue leakage

Apply revenue leakage controls even before you release new services

Every mature telecom operator experience revenue leakage. It’s no surprise given the inherent complexity of continuous evolving network elements, multiple business systems, and services along with expansive product lines.

The good news is that identifying and eliminating these revenue leakages can be relatively fast even before you launch your services. Leveraging Mobileum’s proactive revenue assurance solution, you can generate thousands of network events (CRDs) and perform one-on-one reconciliation to confirm the correctness of your network prior to service launch – reducing risk, saving money, and protecting brand integrity in the process.

Some key highlights of our offering :
  • Emulate subscriber service usage
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Applicable to multiple services (Voice, SMS, Data, IoT)
  • Advanced reporting
  • Multiple deployment models

Leverage your product catalog capabilities while deploying risk-free services 

The rapid pace of disruptive new developments presents numerous growth opportunities for the communication service providers but can also pose unexpected risks and drive unintended revenue leakages. This happens if mandatory revenue assurance controls are delayed or not even implemented. Eliminating such risks demands adopting a proactive revenue assurance technology that can offer comprehensive coverage to a risk-free service launch by telecom operators.

Mobileum’s Proactive Revenue Assurance solution offers telecom operators the ability to perform active network testing and revenue leakage detection ensuring complete network optimization, increasing profitability, and managing risk. 
  • One dedicated SIM per tested tariff/bundle configured as for a real subscriber
  • Automated result processing, reporting revenue leakages  to you
    • Non-generated CDRs
    • Metering issues
    • Issues with tariff configuration and billing 
  • Possibility to check tariff billing in roaming
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Assure accurate provisioning of customers and services for enhanced customer experience

Assume that your customer has degraded its data pack subscription from an unlimited plan to a 2GB data plan, but your provisioning system failed to record the transaction. The customer will enjoy unlimited data at the 2GB plan price, but you will lose out on the required revenue. While telecom operators have done a great job of automating self-service portals, customers still face service delays as well as misconfigurations leading to wrong service provisioning. This can result in either overcharging the customer and leading to a decline in customer experience or undercharging a customer and losing out on revenues.

At Mobileum, we understand how challenging it is for service providers to ensure accurate service provisioning. Together with our continuous monitoring tools for passive assurance, our proactive testing solution delivers best-in-class provisioning validation which can arrest revenue loss and enhance the customer experience.
Accurate provisioning customers and services

Audit the service charging flow through proactive Usage Assurance

Telecom operators have multiple processes that contribute to revenue assurance, it is – service usage which receives maximum attention among operators. Tracking and measuring usage events (Voice, SMS, Data, IoT) ensures that CSPs can bill their subscribers and partners, and it all needs to be done correctly – because mistakes equate to either lost revenue or overbilled (and unhappy) customers.

With Mobileum’s proactive usage assurance and testing solution operators can ensure comprehensive service usage metering across all the services used by subscribers on their mobile devices while offering complete control over potential revenue leakage.
Audit service charging flow

6 benefits of proactive Revenue Assurance using Test Call Generator

proactive risk coverage
Proactive risk coverage
Offers proactive risk coverage against existing and emerging risks and helps CSPs to strategize against unwanted revenue leakages.
201103 mobileum icon enhance customer experience
Enhance customer experience
Proactively validates rating and billing processes reducing possible billing errors thus enhancing customer experience.
icon lower tco
Lower TCO
Offers coverage for 854 networks spread across 200 countries along with fully managed services with no equipment to be installed by an operator.
201103 mobileum icon reduce revenue loss
Reduce revenue loss
Proactively detects potential revenue leakages across the telco network enabling CSPs to address potential revenue losses.
Proactive product launch testing
Proactive product launch testing
Offers rapid regression testing of new pricing/tariff plans against a variety of test cases for detecting flaws in the product launch at an early stage.
Validate network and services
Validate network and services
Enables validation of network and services covering Voice/SMS and Data using test calls, thus reducing CSPs dependency on reactive revenue assurance through network generated CDRs.

Mobileum Proactive Risk Intelligence Software Portfolio

Discover why the Mobileum platform is the most trusted software by Telecom companies all over the globe to manage their Risk Management activities.

Enhance your Risk Intelligence by adopting other products in our portfolio

201103 mobileum card rating and billing validation
Rating and Billing Validation
Enables CSPs to control revenue leakage due to billing and invoicing problems, and efficiently track and correct the underlying errors. 

Card traffic monitoring for regulators
Usage Assurance
End-to-end approach for monitoring and controlling revenue leakage in telecom environments due to the misalignment of Charging Data Records.
Card bypass fraud
Bypass Fraud
Protects CSP business from illegal call terminations executed to avoid paying the defined legal charges. Detect and prevent attempted fraud leveraging Mobileum’s extensive library of fraud detection apps focused on telecom services.

Address potential rating and billing errors...even before the product launch

Revenue leakage should never be a reactive process or an afterthought. Plugging revenue leakage issues post product launch is a bad strategy. An appropriate plan is to be aware of potential revenue loss and leakage areas in advance, and then build relevant controls into the product design.

Mobileum’s proactive revenue assurance solution offers the capability to perform rating and billing verifications prior to any product launch. Rapid regression testing of new pricing plans against a variety of test cases can be performed for proactive detection of flaws in the rating and billing process at an early stage.

Below some examples of how we can protect against revenue leakage:
  • Zero-rating testing
  • Proactive monitoring of billing processes/tariffs
  • Aggregated rating as opposed to simple event-based rating
  • Pre-launch testing of new tariffs and technologies
Address potential rating and billing errors

Proactive Rating and Billing Validation

Explore how to apply revenue leakage controls even before you release new products

Effectively test prepaid charging and balances for revenue assurance purposes

Accurately metering subscriber usage consumption is important in telecommunications markets. It is even more critical for prepaid markets where service usage plans, data plans, and time-based plans are always evolving for attracting and retaining customers, and for boosting overall revenue. Mobileum offers proactive prepaid charging and balance validation solution, allowing you to easily validate top-up and rated records and check the correctness as per the configured prepaid rate plans. 
With our proactive testing tool, you will be able to prevent revenue leakage due to rating process errors and efficiently track and correct the underlying errors. Proactive Revenue Assurance is delivered as a service and is fully managed by a highly experienced team of Revenue Assurance experts that can work as an extension of your team.
Effectively test prepaid charging balances

Ensure complete accuracy of billing roaming call usage with our global roaming testing coverage

Poor or varying levels of service when roaming can quickly lead to frustrated and dissatisfied subscribers. The roaming challenge is compounded by the fact that solving roaming service issues can be complex with multiple operators involved and service-affecting issues are often difficult to isolate.

Operators end up spending a huge amount of time and effort in tracking revenues, costs, and network traffic across its roaming partner networks to optimize the traffic and revenue among partners.

Thanks to our globally deployed testing and monitoring platform, Mobileum is uniquely positioned to help CSPs perform proactive roaming assurance by verifying the data that they receive from their roaming partners. To monitor the international traffic, our platform supports launching roaming originating and terminating calls from 854 networks spread across 213 countries.
  • Validate information received from roaming partners
  • Prevent cost leakage (IOTs between roaming partners)
  • Optimize traffic and revenue among roaming partners
Ensure complete accuracy of billing roaming

Plan and design tests early, as much as possible in conjunction with a continuous control-monitoring tool

Mobileum’s proactive revenue assurance solution allows easy detection of revenue leakage in a telecom operator network using its industrial strength Test Call Generator functionality. This solution can be further integrated with Mobileum’s comprehensive analytics powered RAID Revenue Assurance solution. Together they can ensure complete automation across end-to-end revenue assurance processes that respond to CSP's current and future needs.

The integrated TCG with RAID RA solution can be automated and scheduled to generate test calls/data/messages. CDRs/logs etc. are generated from these tests, which can be further analyzed, leading to advance self-correcting closed-loop functionality. It leads to a reduction of false positives and improves accuracy significantly.

Leverage our full Managed Services for proactive Revenue Assurance

All telcos can benefit from a proactive risk management strategy when rolling out new infrastructure. This means defining key risks, weighing their probability and impact on business drivers, and develop your thinking on actions to be taken. Mobileum can support you in this. Our dedicated managed services team can undertake risk assessments that go beyond financial and regulatory risk to consider the wider environment in which you deploy new services. Additionally, our experts can help you put in place effective monitoring and control tools that give you earlier warnings and enables you to respond quickly and effectively. 

We can deliver our services in the cloud or on-premise, hosted in Mobileum’s or partner's facilities. And we’ll even work onsite with your staff, so you always have skilled resources on hand.
  • Higher profitability with lower TCO
  • Operational Excellence
  • Compliance
  • Growth Opportunities
Mobileum managed services

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