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Provisioning Assurance

Audit customer and service provisioning in operationally complex environments, often entailing dozens of sub-processes that involve multiple systems, departments, and partner organizations

Provisioning Assurance

The provisioning of telecommunication services is one of the most critical processes you will have as a service provider. Independent of marketing to the customer base, the operational expenses of service fulfilment will increase exponentially when done manually or in-efficiently.

As you scale both your service portfolio and your device subscriber base, the biggest challenge becomes provisioning the growing volume and complexity of orders and activating services. RAID Provisioning Assurance is a solution designed to reduce time to market and improve customer experience by monitoring the entire telecom service fulfilment process, for first-rate customer service delivery on top of a variety of network types.
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Monitor the alignment of service offers with network capabilities

RAID Provisioning Assurance delivers end-to-end auditing during the orchestration of hybrid and virtualized services across multi-vendor, multi-technology networks and IT infrastructures.

As part of its automated auditing scope, it links customer and service information from the OSS and fulfilment solutions to improve the orchestration between customers, service offers and network capabilities to protect against revenue leakage and negative customer experience.
RAID provisioning Assurance

6 sources of revenue leakage in the absence of Provisioning Assurance

Delays on order to cash
Errors in customer or service provisioning in areas such as network, CRM systems, external order capture systems and portals, can generate revenue losses due to delays on service delivery, and subsequently on customer charging.
Costly manual auditing
As the customer base grows, the operational expenses of service fulfilment will increase exponentially when processes are performed manually or in-efficiently. Auditing these process enables the connection of large volumes of customers without increasing staff, thus keeping expenses down.
Incomplete order handling
Incomplete provisioning of bundled products and errors in the breakdown of product offerings into technical services to be fulfilled in the network, can generate partial losses due to delays on service delivery and consequent customer charging.
Missing service upgrade
As important as customer and service activation is, ensuring an error-free deactivation or service upgrade leads to the most complicated processes made easy for your customers, avoiding overcharging and undercharging.
Improve Partner Monetization
Communication Service Providers are evolving complex multi-vendor networks to provide adequate services for 2G/3G/4G mobile, data, TV, fixed line and Unified Communications. Errors on the orchestration of multiple OSS and BSS tools can affect provisioning timescales for new partner agreements and decrease profit margins.
Inaccurate technology migrations
During mergers and acquisitions or technology upgrades, one of the biggest challenges that CSPs face is data inconsistencies during the migration of customer and service data on the OSS and BSS.

See how Mobileum can help protect & grow your business

Over 750 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

Prebuilt audit controls for revenue assurance

Mobileum Revenue Assurance modules include a set of prebuilt business validations that help analysts to address issues right out-of-the-box. Due to its intuitive graphical modelling interface, RAID’s business validation features enable operators to explicitly define, analyze, execute, audit and maintain a wide variety of rules that map directly to a business’s underlying business logic.

Multiple built-in checkpoints can ensure that all issues identified are reported and tracked, providing an all-inclusive view of the risk management process, enabling service providers to rapidly evolve the prevention of revenue leakage on a continuous basis.

Key risks addressed by RAID Provisioning Assurance

  • Marketing strategies increase the provisioning challenges due to increasingly complex service bundles
  • Subscriber and service data needs to be held and accessed across multiple OSS/BSS platforms
  • Platforms are not necessarily designed to be synchronized with to each other causing information to be disseminated in data silos
  • Platform upgrades, data backup, failover and new network features can cause subscriber data to become fractured across platforms
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2018 Stratecast, Revenue Assurance Market Leadership Award

The findings, as published in this report, show that WeDo Technologies (now Mobileum) leads in market share for the global CSP financial assurance market.

The market leader in Revenue Assurance

RAID is the most trusted revenue assurance software in the telecom market, according to industry analysts such as Gartner, Analysis Mason and Frost & Sullivan. Currently deployed at more than 100 operators around the world, in a variety of network environments and supporting a variety of telecom services, RAID is the go to software solution for Revenue Assurance.

The technology-agnostic platform enables the auditing of provisioning of anything, anywhere, providing rapid integration and orchestration across siloed systems, for revenue assurance processes.
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Increase Your Revenue Assurance Maturity by Deploying RAID

Provisioning Assurance
Audit order management and provisioning processes along the OSS and the network to deliver the exceptional service desired by customers, while eliminating revenue leakages and poor customer experience.
Usage Assurance
End-to-end approach for monitoring and controlling revenue leakage in telecom environments due to the misalignment of Charging Data Records.
Billing and Rating Validation
Provides an independent rating audit to identify billing errors due of the diversity of rates and pricing schemes in a 5G environment. Monitors the billing process with raw data validated against historical and statistical data or against other data sources to assure correct invoicing.

Risk Consulting Services

Find out how Mobileum can help you find an alternative approach to your company’s in-house operational planning, implementation, staff, training and ongoing operations.

Big Data Analytics Platform for Risk Management

RAID for revenue assurance is powered by Mobileum's Active Intelligence Big Data Analytics platform. With a range of prebuilt auditing and monitoring packages, built for Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, and Business Assurance,

Mobileum's Active Intelligence platform delivers a full-service solution from data collection all the way through to risk detection and traceability of case resolution.

Provisioning and Authentication Assurance

Although the IoT brings connectivity to many new devices, the secret to keeping all the services up and running in terms of having devices, services and customer identity correctly provisioned has not changed.

Combining a rule-based approach with machine learning, RAID monitors the IoT value chain to predict and preemptively monitor device, service and identity provisioning, across different platforms, protocols and ecosystems.
  • PaaS on-boarding provisioning
  • VAS provisioning
  • Remote SIM provisioning for M2M
  • Identity provisioning
  • LPWAN and LoRaWAN™ Monitoring

Mobileum Risk Management Software Portfolio

Discover why the Mobileum platform is the most trusted software by Telecom companies all over the globe to manage their Revenue Assurance activities.

Choose How You Want Your RA Deployed

Adopt the RAID platform and choose the deployment option that best fits your business needs, budget, and resources. If your company still doesn’t have a full public cloud policy due to security and compliance issues, Mobileum provides an alternative in private and hybrid cloud models to deploy RAID with its prebuilt risk management modules or apps.

5G Provisioning Assurance

Network slicing, allowing for multiple network layers on top of a single shared infrastructure, is arguably the most significant capability of incoming 5G technologies. It brings operators brand new business opportunities to serve enterprises and industries, each with differing requirements.

Monitor real-time, end-to-end network slice provisioning, including how all of the stakeholders work together, ranging from Digital Partners/VNOs, RAN through transport, through data centre, core, and the applications.

How Virgin Media is Leveraging RAID's For Revenue Assurance

Virgin Media is part of Liberty Global plc, the world’s largest international TV and broadband company.

Liberty Global connects over 22 million customers through operations in 10 countries across Europe subscribing to more than 46 million TV, broadband internet and telephony services.

Liberty Global also serves over 6 million mobile subscribers and offers WiFi service through 10 million access points across its footprint.

Managing Digital Risk

Learn how Mobileum helps connecting the dots between people, processes, and technology.

Provisioning assurance of services over VNFs, PNFs and SDN-controlled telecom networks

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are facilitating the realization of 5G by changing the manner in which operators deploy their end-user services. The Cloud-Radio Access Networks (C-RAN) architecture, enabled by the combination of SDN, NFV and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) technologies, plays a key role in the development of 5G.

RAID has been developed to audit the challenges of Virtual Network Functions (VNF) provisioning (i.e. VNF-placement and service chain allocation) in a 5G network to assure services are delivered as expected without the risk of revenue leakage.
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Proactive Provisioning Assurance for revenue assurance proposes

As part of our Provisioning Assurance solution, Mobileum offers it proactive provisioning assurance solution that delivers best-in-class provisioning validation helping CSPs to arrest revenue loss and enhance the customer experience.

With proactive provisioning assurance solution, you will be able to perform accurate service provisioning validations and prevent revenue leakage due to wrong provisioning. This proactive Provisioning Assurance is delivered as managed service.
Proactive Provisioning Assurance for revenue assurance

One platform that cuts the data silos between all telecom applications for limitless insights

Digital business depends on a flexible application portfolio that enables delightful digital experiences, that supports new ways of doing business, and that makes the most of new technologies.