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Steering of Roaming

Intelligent Routing Solutions for optimal revenue and experience

Dynamic steering based on real-time roaming events

As part of a mobile operators roaming strategy, many consider traffic steering, or directing roaming customers to preferred networks, to benefit from lower prices and/or to alleviate quality concerns. Mobileum Roaming Steering enables operators to implement this strategy and make the most of which partner their subscribers will use while roaming.

Since traffic steering enables dynamic and precise control of the distribution of outbound roamers in foreign networks, operators can dynamically choose partners based on price, mutual traffic deals or delivered quality. Mobileum’s world-leading Roaming Steering footprint maximizes roaming margins by automatically guiding roaming traffic in the right direction based on analytics-driven insight into technology, quality of service, business targets, and wholesale costs.

Keep wholesale costs under control, with accurate steering.

The Steering of Roaming Service, based on signaling, is an effective tool to reduce the costs of outbound roaming. Traffic is redirected to those networks with whom the Operator has the best wholesale rates.
Mobileum’s Wholesale Business Advisor (WBA) automates the end-to-end management of the operator’s wholesale business by providing a comprehensive view of all roaming partnerships, allowing operators to model, track, forecast and measure the performance of the wholesale agreements. Now operators can confidently track overall performance in real-time, and more efficiently manage budgeting and roaming settlement activities.

Mobileum Network Services Portfolio

Discover why the Mobileum product portfolio is changing the roaming landscape worldwide.

Auto-Tune Real-time Advanced Steering

Mobileum’s steering automatically adapts to optimize roaming decisions and meet wholesale volume commitments. The intuitive steering of roaming engine is based on a configurable business logic combined with machine-learning algorithms that automatically evaluate received roaming events.
The solution works in conjunction with Mobileum’s Roaming Business Advisor (for wholesale and retail analytics) and its Roaming Customer Experience Management solution (RCEM). With these solutions, operators are able to apply the most appropriate action based on network, experience, and business model. The solution classifies the quality of the customer experience, identifies the primary reasons behind poor performance levels, and continues to self-learn to self-optimize without manual intervention or configuration.

Intelligent steering to ensure the best VoLTE customer experience

Enabling VoLTE roaming is a step in the right direction to creating network differentiation and delivering inbound roamers a better user experience while ensuring profitability for the MNO.

With Mobileum’s advanced signaling and security, mobile network operators (MNOs) can choose from either home routed, local break out, or regional break out of services, depending on what’s optimal for the call. Mobileum’s device-aware steering allows operators to automatically detect multiple variables in real-time and check VoLTE service compatibility between devices and the network to define custom steering policies for potential VoLTE customers.

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Over 750 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

“Steer to profits” by achieving your wholesale commitments earlier

As roaming revenues are being directly affected by regulations and price decreases, it is mandatory to direct roamers to preferred networks using accurate steering empowered by business analytics. Mobileum’s steering solution considers the usage of individual roamers to ensure wholesale commitments are met at the earliest possible date. It does so by analyzing different data sources, such as probe feeds and TAP/NRTRDE, segregating the subscribers based on usage patterns and duration of trips, and then creating categories of Low Usage and High Usage class of service.

For each category, the solution runs different steering policies, thus steering high usage subscribers to preferred networks and low usage subscribers to next-best networks.


Increase margins
Optimize wholesale roaming costs by meeting commitments more accurately and consistently than ever before and negotiate better wholesale agreements.
Improve customer experience
Steer to the best quality network based on device type and subscriber services, optimizing the balance between customer experience and revenue, and ensuring the right blend for your business needs.
Future-proof for changing technologies
Seamless control of traffic steering across technologies, including LTE, VoLTE and NFV, and a visionary roadmap on 5G.

Steering Analytics

The rise of augmented intelligence is the key to unlocking the full power of roaming profitability. Not only can the Mobileum roaming portfolio add structure to unstructured data, but it can also use the data to recommend the best course of action in each instance, whether a new deal or previously unthought-of opportunity. Mobileum’s steering analytics allows roaming teams to follow up on recommended steps to take full advantage of their roaming business. The recommendation engine plays a critical role in customer engagement and retention, delivering powerful insights that cover:
  • Steering effectiveness
  • Segment specific recommendations
  • Anti-steering activities
  • Registration latencies & negative user experience

Kaleido Intelligence Research

Wholesale Roaming Strategies & Competitive Landscape White Paper

Overcome device incompatibility with device-aware steering

Mobile devices offer limited compatibility with visited networks, which may lead to user experience issues such as a frozen handset, lengthy time to register, no access to service, or lower data throughput. By having insights into the behavior of handsets that experience such issues and comparing that information with data on visited networks (technology, frequency band, etc.), it is possible to check compatibility between devices and networks and implement different steering strategies for each device model.

Mobileum device-aware steering maximizes MNO’s roaming business by providing greater roaming strategy flexibility, as well as offer the best end-user experience in networks, such as LTE.

Leverage different steering policies based on price or quality of service

Mobileum steering allows operators to define targets for different subscribers and networks to maximize profitability. The quality levels across networks can vary, with poor quality affecting the customer experience. Subscriber groups can be defined, or they can be imported from the CRM, each with full flexibility in steering targets and configuration.

Each network and technology can have different volumes or attach time steering targets, allowing for complete flexibility to direct traffic to the right partners, for the right subscribers, at the right time to maximize revenue. For example, steering VIP high data users to LTE networks while sending IOT to lower-cost 2G/3G network.

6 reasons why you need Mobileum Roaming Steering

Challenges in controlling remotely
Operators have difficulties controlling roaming remotely and always have to wait for customers to register.
Lack of visibility into roaming experience
It’s difficult to have a clear view of how long it takes a subscriber to register on the network, which handsets are frozen or have no access to services.
Supercharged with machine-learning
Customers expect great roaming experiences regardless of the device or the network in which they are registered. Therefore, taking extra care of the most high-profile roamers results in significant benefits to the operator while enhancing subscriber loyalty and satisfaction, increasing their lifetime value.
Negotiating power
Operators need insights on the quality of partner networks and how their subscribers are affected, so they can be well informed when it comes to negotiating wholesale agreements.
Keep up with technology
Operators need a steering tool to ensure continuity of steering across multiple radio access: support 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, including VoLTE, circuit-switched fallback, and call continuity.
Evolve to customer-centricity
MNOs are evolving from a network-focus to a customer-focus, and an analytics-driven approach to steering is essential to enable that.

Leverage steering capabilities to M2M service providers

Mobileum’s solution covers the demands of IoT devices by managing bootstrap IMSI, eSIM devices with OTA steering, and different steering policies for mobile and static devices. It also enables service accessibility by using advanced algorithms for guaranteed service accessibility for critical IoT segments, moving IoT devices to low-cost networks whenever possible, and prioritizing IoT devices over consumer devices in crises.

Mobileum’s solution provides a unified platform for IoT and subscriber verticals and enables independent policies and configurations for different segments based on type (i.e., eSIM, critical, Bootstrap, VIP, pre-paid).

Accelerate VoLTE roaming

A guide to accelerate interoperability, by making interconnection, peering and roaming easier.

Detect and prevent anti-steering to guard revenues

Mobileum’s Anti-Steering Detection allows operators to detect and block illegal anti-steering activities that may compromise the experience or charges to your outbound roamers.
  • Multiple detection techniques
  • Impact and control traffic steering: IMSIs frequently susceptible to Anti-Steering
  • Multi-level perspective reporting: a comprehensive overview of the impact on the roaming partnership in anti-steering activities and patterns of detections
  • Revenue and service impact: notifications on modifications in the visited network behavior, steering optimizer to guard against the various anti-steering activities
  • Customer experience impact: average time a roamer stays in a non-preferred network due to anti-steering; devices impacted due to anti-steering activities
  • Negotiate with partner networks: PCAP event traces for each detection technique with details on usage record
  • Power-packed and actionable business intelligence: business dashboard with revenue leakage due to Anti-Steering activities

Our roaming solutions, built on machine learning, offer the best technology to enable fast innovation.

Retail Business Advisor
Enable connectivity to roaming subscribers by delivering compelling offers that allow them to use cellular data at affordable prices.
Wholesale Business Advisor
Automate the end-to-end management of the wholesale business. Ensures operators can negotiate roaming agreements while accelerating the go-to-market strategy.
Monitor and control network use in real-time to boost roaming revenues. Support the creation and enforcement of a wide range of roaming service packs, across voice, SMS, and data services.

How STC is Leveraging Roaming Active Intelligence.

STC is a world-class digital leader in providing innovative services and enabling the digital transformation within the MENA region to its customers. STC is a company that is continuously looking to improve and adopt new and better ways of doing things, with a fresh and ingenious view. STC relies on Mobileum’s wholesale roaming product portfolio to develop bilateral agreements that increase the adoption of roaming services. Mobileum’s wholesale roaming portfolio makes it easy to accelerate the go-to-market strategies, due to its ability to rapidly update usage policies and roaming capabilities.