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Network Security for MVNOs

Securing your MVNOs is a smart move

MVNOs need to guarantee security for the services they provide

From a network security perspective, MVNOs have two battlefronts, firstly protecting their customers and secondly protecting their business. To achieve both of these goals, a signaling firewall becomes a mandatory node to be deployed on the edge of the network.

Mobileum offers the most advanced, multi-protocol signaling firewall that provides comprehensive network security, safeguarding both MVNO and MNO.

Full MVNOs can secure their network and sensitive data from signaling attacks

Enhanced Service Provider (ESP) or a Full MVNOs owns its core network infrastructure and can control all operational activities, despite lacking the control over the radio network. These MVNOs are susceptible to various signaling attacks, which can affect their network performance and compromise their customer’s sensitive data. Leveraging Mobileum’s advanced analytics powered signaling firewalls ensures complete network and data protection.

Increase Your MVNO Network Security

Protect your MVNO voice services
It does not matter if it is legacy or VoIP, voice is and will always be the most important service for telecom operators. Securing this interface and have it as a reliable service is a must for all telecom operators independently of their size.
Protect your MVNO cellular data services
Data services are more and more important in today's society. Mobileum provides a state-of-the-art cross-protocol signaling firewall that will provide a secure network for your customers and protect your network from hackers.
Protect your MVNO SMS services
SMS is still one of the most trusted means of communication still used for authentication for example. However, the networks are not secure and SMSs can be intercepted. Mobileum SMS firewall will provide a secure network for SMSs so that your customer can have confidence in SMS usage.

Our featured machine-learning competency can empower both brand and reputation

The smaller MVNOs that entirely rely on an MNO’s network infrastructure has a different market positioning, customer care, marketing, and sales operations. They do not own the network infrastructure; however, they may still own multiple OSS and BSS systems like CRM and HLR, which can be attacked by cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive data. In these cases, MVNOs can benefit from MNOs protection who use Mobileum’s signaling firewall offering advanced anomaly detection across SS7, Diameter, and GTP signaling layers, powered by machine learning providing MVNOs a comprehensive defense with real-time, multi-layered detection, potentiating brand and reputation.

Deliver a “trusted network” to partner VNOs as a differentiator to keep the value of collaborating

Security requirements of MVNOs can be a subset of their host MNO’s, while MVNOs concentrate on delivering differentiated offers and services. To prevent unforeseen disasters or severe security incidents, MVNOs need to take sufficient measures to ensure the availability of their network services. Threats like DoS, DDoS attacks, and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) that exploit signaling protocols have shown that perimeter walls are not enough anymore. Mobileum gives MVNOs a way to manage threats in real-time; providing an added layer of protection, even in the most secure MNO network.

Top-notch protection against Smishing and SMS spam

SMS is not only one of the most widely used Telecom services, but also one of the most trusted. To keep it that way, SMS SPAM and Smishing are threats that need to be eliminated from the network. Mobileum SMS firewall with its machine learning capabilities offers an impressive detection capability able to block SPAM, Smishing, and A2P Grey routes from the network. An MVNO can benefit from having an SMS SPAM-free network by deploying an SMS firewall in its signaling network, but in case of not owning infrastructure, the SMS security-as-a-service could also be used by the MVNO, or by other MVNOs from the same group.

Secure a new breed of MVNOs that combine a multitude of services running on a multitude of technologies

An MVNO will typically target niche segments where the telecom operator has less interest or success, and thereby act as a magnet/filter, discouraging customers from churning to competitors. Although the MVNO does not have its radio network, depending on the topology, it may have core elements like the HSS, VLR, and the SMSC. In this case, MVNOs are susceptible to the well-known threats on SS7 and Diameter. Mobileum’s cross-protocol and multi-protocol signaling firewall is a crucial solution for keeping MVNO customers safe and the network secure and reliable independent of the multitude of services they provide.

How MVNOs can manage the ever-evolving security challenges

Cross-Protocol signaling firewall
Not every threat will be detected if you’re only looking at a single protocol. Our approach combines information from several protocols, improving protection across the network. This will increase the capability of threat detection evolving on the usage of different interfaces.

SMS needs to be trusted and secure
Get unrivaled security for your client's SMS, to keep it as a trusted means of communication. Mobileum's SMS firewall makes the most of our Machine learning technology to detect fraud and threats on SMS usage with customer's recognized outstanding results.

Secure the interface for all voice traffic
Signaling networks are using various protocols such as SS7 or SIP, which are susceptible to a variety of fraudulent attacks. Mobileum’s signaling firewall combined with a voice firewall can help MVNO’s detect and prevent fraud and attacks occurring on various signaling protocols as well as blocking fraud attacks in real-time.
With IoT/M2M device usage increasing significantly around the globe, MVNOs are poised to witness a surge in traffic. This increases the need to identify compromised IoT/M2M devices and detect potential security threats that can be exploited.
Detects threats before they happen
Test potential threat scenarios by utilizing Mobileum’s combined offering of penetration testing services along with signaling firewall. Leverage Mobileum’s pen-testing capabilities and quickly detect cases where attackers can penetrate your network, and act on stopping them with our signaling firewall.
Co-engineered with Fraud
Address both fraud and security leveraging highly advanced fraud detection models along with proven in-depth security firewalls. Contextually analyze fraud challenges and take preventive measures using Mobileum's Active Intelligence™ platform.

MVNOs can best contribute to the mobile data market, but this requires special concerns

For MVNOs to provide data traffic services to their customers, the MNO needs to be able to route incoming GTP traffic to the correct PGW based upon IMSI ranges. Since GTP is not a secure protocol by design, it becomes essential for MVNOs to protect the network from GTP signaling attacks, ensuring the protection of its network and customers from hackers and fraudsters. Mobileum’s GTP firewall can perform both stateful and stateless checks, providing MVNOs with the required security and scalability while performing cross-protocol validations with SS7 and Diameter.

IoT MVNOs are on the rise, but connectivity needs to be secure and reliable

Whether it is healthcare, smart devices, smart cities, or even connected cars, MVNOs have already witnessed massive economic growth by providing these global IoT services. With the exponential growth of IoT services, MVNOs will likely witness massive attacks on globally deployed IoT devices. Thus, it’s vital not only to secure the network from compromised IoT devices but also to secure IoT devices from hackers’ attacks. Mobileum offers High-end IoT security solutions that can be implemented by MVNOs for achieving maximum security of the IoT network and devices.

5G and MVNOs: Slicing up the wholesale market

The advent of 5G and network slicing offer the prospect of a shake-up of the structure of wholesale and MVNO models. The realization of this service-oriented view of the network leverages the concepts of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) that allow the implementation of flexible and scalable network slices on top of a shared network infrastructure. From a business model perspective, each network slice can be administered by a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). At Mobileum, we are working so that MVNOs can have a robust signaling solution while creating services that go beyond the connectivity resale process.